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Andre Agasi is one of the legend tennis star, i like him.

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Andre Agasi and Sampras are really appreciable players of tennis history ....


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You are so nice, man! You never know how much i like'em!

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Love the pic with the mullet hair :) What a laugh... and to think we considered that "fashion".

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Anyone would think they didn’t want properly informed business commentary.


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Great tennis player, awful commercial actor! Haven't seem him on the box for years, hoping it stays that way!!!

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Over the years the 5' something impresario has transformed himself many times over whether it involved his hair do (from bleached mullet, to goatee, to baldee) whom he was doing (from Brooke Shields, to Barbara Streisand, to Steffi Graff), or the companies for which he served (Nike, Canon, Twinlab, Kia, Genworth).


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Gosh! That photo brings back all the memories..

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Incredible voice, incredible smile - she sings for the joy of doing and sharing her gift! I'm in Japan too (18 years and counting) and Dre-com, along with Sazan are two joyful music making groups that make up for all the junk here ... and there ... maybe ?


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