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how about these for events

Cu PA Hurling (Curling)

Solo ActionFigure Skating

Speederbike Slalom

Bob (Duck) "Princess" Leia

Snowballing With Jetpacks


Forget about tractor pulling, How AT-AT pulling?!


You've gotta have a Taun-Taun race... but don't hold it beyond the first marker after sundown.


How the 2-Man probe shooting?


Excuse me, that should read "How about the 2-Man probe shooting?" Went to far past the first marker last night.


Suggestions for events? How about the Walker icy rope climb? Or team snow-cannon shooting?


How about Imperial Walker wrangling? Long-distance generator destroying? Ion Cannon shooting?


- Biathlon, composed of Tauntaun riding and shooting Probe Droids
- Snowspeeder downhill racing
- Snowspeeder slalom racing (around AT-AT legs, bonus points if you manage to get the cable detached)
- Snowboarding on probe droid debris (held after the Biathlon)
- Ice desert marathon; cut-up Tauntauns every 10 kilometers


How about Cross Country AT-ST racing?


Just letting you know I think this is hilarious, and I'm gonna link to HOTH2014.com.

Great idea, dude.

Johnny Quest

The Hoth Halllucination Challenge. Stick a wounded man in sub-zero temperatures and see if he can guess the correct system to visit.


Probe Droid Skeet shooting

to make it more interesting, have the droids shoot back

Jedi Kevin

You should partner with Reality Shows

- Admiral Survivor!

- Fear Factor Tauntaun guts eating challenge

- The Amazing Base Evacuation Race

- Bounty Hunter Idol

- The Real Asteroid

- Extreme Makeover: Corellian Freighter Edition


Don't forget...
* Slave Girl Ice Dancing
* Jet Pack Ski Jump
* Infantry Trench Snowboard Half-Pipe
* Downhill AT-ST Slalom
* Mouse Droid Ice Hockey


SO, to totally geek out in an uneeded way, there is a version of the olympics in the star wars universe! Jedi Quest #3, The Dangerous Games. I know, it's just a kid's book, but it does have some good ideas. What about a bobsled run that goes inside a wampa cave? a little like the matterhorn roller coaster from disneyland/world?


How about archery type events, but with tow cables, dish turrets etc...


Lightsaber pull, like a reverse hammer toss? (Thanks to a pal for that one.) Also live-fire bobsled runs through that icy trench. How about probe droid curling? They look like stones, eh?

Paul Bines

Apologies if this has been suggested already, but Jedi Curling - where competitors use only their Jedi 'mind control' powers.
Freestyle shieldboarding and archery, where contestants have to use a shielsd as a 'snowboard' to travel across downhill obstacles whilst firig arrows at Orcs... oh, hang on, sorry, that's one of the 'demonstration' events for the 2020 Mordor Summer games.


I have two requests.

1.The music of opening/closing ceremony would be performed by John Williams.
2.The medals for athletes would be designed same as the medals which appear in the last scene of EP4.


Hoth 2014 events idea.

Ice Hockey using thermal detonators instead of pucks.
OK, we'd go though athletes at a ferocious rate but we can easily form teams from all the rejects from Survivor and American Idol. Let's face it - if they're THAT desperate to appear on TV - THEY'LL sign up for anything !!

Besides events with lots of explosions are always a ratings winner. ( And flying body parts )


make it happen...

Lord Damnum

You Americans and your dumb ideas. Hoth Olympics??? Are you mental? First you decide to bomb Iraq and now this!? Skiing isn't popular in the States anymore because the Croats are kicking ass and you only like watching your American athletes win. The only good thing that ever came from America is STAR WARS. Please don't keep ruining the franchise with your dumb ideas. Go see Team America! That'll show you what the world thinks of you.

Happy Horus

What about adding Collapsing Underground Base Maze Escape?
Or maybe for strength contests, Shield Door Opening or Trench digging.

Maybe there could be a flight suit fashion show?

Maybe Droid Reprogramming. Personally I'd like to see R2 with KITT's voice.

And of course, we'd have to have Fencing (either saber battles or shield generator installation)

Imperial AT-AT Speed Walking

AT-ST long jump

Ice Base Escape Hurdles



Game where two opposing teams (presumably Rebels and Imperials) of 11-22 players are playing on a snow field criss-crossed with trenches and trying to place/throw a thermal detonator (or any explosive) in opponent's bunker on the opposite sides of the field.


I suggest: AT-AT ice skating

contestants have to pilot an AT-AT around a 4000 meter oval track for 20 laps, fastest time wins!

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