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Dog D

Nice, curling is my kinda sports....

dj jaxon

I never really cared what day of the year it was until now.


This calendar is a bit of a farce. The proceeds are going directly to the women posing, not their clubs. How is that fundraising? It is instead just a business venture.

Plus, who are these girls? Its like me posing for a "Men of Hockey" calendar because I played Junior A when I was younger.


No it's not. Claudia Toth is the Austrian National Team Skip, and there are other nation's team members as well, and regardless of where the money from calendar sales goes it's certainly raising awareness of the sport.
Besides, are you telling us anyone would buy a calendar with pictures of *you in it?


Its pathetic that for awareness you need a calendar that essentially has no relevance to curling except some unknown and never-will-be curlers posing nude so some guy can make some knuckle children.

hmmm, I think I'm going to make a cancer fundraising calendar. I'll tell everybody that I'm going to donate the money I receive to cancer research, but I'll really just pocket all the money. But its ok though because I am raising awareness for cancer research.


Crosby leads the in points and assists and is near the top in goals.


Lets go! Respect!


Let it be, let it be... What a strange place here.


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ho! get go!


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Crosby leads the in points and assists and is near the top in goals.


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Miller used to go out with Claudia before he broke up with her last year! If you thought his decison to go drinking the night before his big Olympic debut was a doosey... what the HELL was Bode thinking of dumping this hard body. (and when we say hard check out her nips...


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